Diving and PADI Courses

Prices include the use of rental equipment.

Diving Price in USD
1 Tank boat dive $70
2 Tank boat dive $140
Night dive $80

For each course you will need to complete the E- Learning from PADI and select Dive Antilles as your dive shop. This cost is not included in the prices listed below.

PADI Course Price in USD (Includes rental equipment)
Discover Scuba Dive $120
Bubblemaker $75
Open Water $450
Advance open water $300
Specialty courses $200
Rescue $400
Divemaster $1500

Dive & PADI Packages Price in USD
5 specialty courses (get 20% off normal price) $1000
1 Tank dive package x5 days – 5 dives total (get 10% off normal price)$315
2 Tank dive package x 5 days – 10 dives total (get 10% off normal price) $630
*Dive packages do not include night dives