PADI Courses

At Dive Antilles we want to help you discover the beauty of the ocean. Whether you are a complete beginner or developing new skills to make you a better diver, we have you covered.

For each course you will need to sign up for the E-Learning before you start the practical with us. The prices below do not include the price for the E-Learning theory ,This is paid directly to PADI when you sign up for the course. The prices listed is for the in water training with us and the final certification, prices also include all equipment needed for the courses. When you sign up for the E-Leanring online make sure to select Dive Antilles as your dive Shop, we will then be linked with your process and you can the start the fun with us!

Referral Open water dives $300usd

If you want to start your Open water course at home and just complete the dives in warm water with us then we can finish off the course here in St Vincent. Just speak with your local dive shop to begin your underwater adventure and they will send you off with the required paperwork to us to be able get you certified. The open water dives just take two days of diving with us.

Open water $400usd

Additional E-learning cost $217usd

This course teaches you to become a fully certified diver, It is where you learn the fundamental skills needed for diving. After completing the course, you will be able to dive down to 18 meters (60 feet) and hold a certification that’s recognized worldwide. The course is made up of 3 main sections: Knowledge Development, Confined Water Dives, and Open Water Dives, and can be for anyone from the age of 10 upwards. Avoid disappointment, download and review the diver medical form to ensure you won’t need a physician’s approval to dive before enrolling in this course with us. 

Adventures in Diving, Advanced open water $300usd

Additional E-learning cost $204usd

During the course, you will complete five different adventure dives. An adventure dive concentrates on a particular activity or skill, it is the first dive of a speciality diver course. Of the five training dives you complete, the deep Adventure dive and underwater navigation dive are both mandatory. But, for the other three dives, you get to choose what interests you the most.

Speciality Diver courses $250usd

Additional E-learning cost $138usd

We offer a range of speciality diver courses including: deep, wreck, boat, navigation, peak performance buoyancy, fish ID, and drift. These courses will help you become a better diver and more confident in the water. With five of these courses combined with the rescue course you will officially become a master scuba diver!

Rescue Diver $400usd

Additional E-learning cost $211usd

The Rescue Diver course will help you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver. Divers describe the Rescue Diver course as the “most challenging, yet most rewarding course” and for good reason. You will learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem solving skills until they become second nature. These skills will be put to the test, both on top of the water and underneath, until you can complete them confidently. With skills and training comes confidence and that’s exactly how the Rescue Diver course will help build your confidence underwater.